À rebours

Miresi | Radici

À rebours

Curated by Paolo De Grandis and Carlotta Scarpa
September, 8 – November, 27, 2022

The exhibition draws inspiration from the translation of the title in the meaning of “backward” and “against the tide”.

The exhibition itinerary consists exactly in this ambivalence by relating Miresi’s and Radici’s works in the balance between gloomy figurative but strongly evocative choices to abstract experiments where the tones explode in all their vigour.

Miresi’s and Radici’s works dialogue for assonance and contrast with the intent to create a narration which could offer a new key to understanding to their wide artistic production.
Miresi retraces a hypothetical journey back both caught by a temporal peculiarity and by the presence of the artist’s memory which gives a status of immanence to recollections.
The narrative and thematic choice consists in two genres: in the works included in the cycle Auditorium the details of an eye or of an ear emerge to the definition of a delicate childish profile where the paint surface from time to time lives on a tone mobility whereby shapes oscillate in the balance between curvilinear impulses and more severe graphic elements; the second one with the series S/Paesaggio characterized by an abstract stylistic result where colours burst on the canvas both in stylized and in informal derivation shapes acts as a counterpoint.

On the contrary, Maurizio Radici’s poetics thrives on figures, animals, signs, primal shadows, matrices of images generated by stationary colour or by sudden gleams which the artist ignites by his vigorous use of the brushstroke. And it is just in this continuous narration that Radici rediscovers in the pictorial act some semantical codes where myth, dream and present time are combined and together open to an infinite series of questions. His art making goes against the tide: he explores the human figure captured in vigorous compositions which tend toward abstract and swirling expressions, whereas he fixes the representation of animals into a formal stasis and questions myth and memory as a fact completely to cross.