The Foundation

Fondazione Venezia Servizi believes in arts as a tool to improve the well-being


Antica Scuola dei Battuti and I.R.E. (Institution of Hospitalization and Education), historically engaged in social and welfare, since 2014 have established Fondazione Venezia Servizi with the purpose of creating a range of services aimed at meeting the needs and welfare of the person, respecting and enhancing its totality, integrity and uniqueness.

As in ancient times it was a concern to adorn and beautify hospitals, hospices and reception centers and charities with pictorial, architectural and sculptural works of the greatest artists, also Fondazione Venezia Servizi today has decided to support its social welfare activities with the rediscovery and enhancement of its artistic heritage.

Fondazione Venezia Servizi believes in the benefit of art as a tool to improve the well-being and care of people assisted in its structures. On the basis of these values, since 2016 the Foundation has reopened to the public Scala Contarini del Bovolo, Oratorio dei Crociferi and Complesso dell’Ospedaletto, architectural assets that belong to the history of the city assistance. These places, today, made usable again, represent a shining example of how the management of Fondazione Venezia Servizi can bring about mutual improvements both to the assistance and to the historical and cultural heritage.

Through the enhancement of the recently opened historical and monumental sites, Fondazione Venezia Servizi has a double target: refinancing for the restoration of the same historic spaces and improving welfare, highlighting the perfect connection between Art, Culture and Assistance.

Given the success of the first period of cultural activities, Fondazione Venezia Servizi has reopened other cultural sites such as the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Presentazione (called “Le Zitelle”) and Complesso delle Penitenti.

Visiting the monumental sites managed by Fondazione Venezia Servizi, the public has the opportunity to immerse itself in a multitude of environments that represent a cross-section of the Venetian historical-artistic panorama and welfare organization between the 15th and 18th centuries.

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