Kids Cro

The “KIDS CRO” project was born from the collaboration between Fondazione Venezia Servizi, VeneziadeiBambini and the Bridges to Venice Cultural Association, a historical-artistic journey dedicated to children aged between 4 and 10 and lasting approximately six months, from October 2017. in March 2018, which will be held in the spaces of the precious Oratorio dei Crociferi in Campo dei Gesuiti. Kids Cro is a journey whose aim is to bring the little ones closer to discovering Venice, its origins and the elements that have made it unique and unrepeatable. Kids Cro is developed in six workshop-meetings, each of which focuses on a moment or aspect of Venetian history. Each workshop will last approximately one hour divided into 15 minutes of presentation and 45 minutes of manual and creative activity. Each month will be dedicated to a specific theme, which will be repeated for the 4/5 Sundays of the same month, so each child will have the opportunity to choose which meeting to attend based on her and her family’s commitments. The cost is 10 Euros per child per single meeting. Pre-sales of 6-match booklets will soon open at the special price of 50 Euros (the full price for 6 matches is 60 Euros) per child. From 8 October 2017, the appointment with Kids Cro will be every Sunday, from 4pm to 5pm for children aged between 4 and 6 and from 5.30pm to 6.30pm for children aged between 7 and 10 years. *** There are 6 themes of the Kids Cro project: OCTOBER 2017 “THE ORIGINS OF VENICE” What is that fish that always moves but still remains firmly planted on the ground? It’s Venice!! With its thousand-year-old wooden foundations. Shall we build a house? NOVEMBER 2017 “VENICE IN THE BYZANTINE ERA” The splendor of gold and mosaic. Collage of papers and recycled materials… as shiny as possible!! DECEMBER 2017 “THE DOGE OF VENICE” Who was the Doge? What was the Golden Book? Let’s transform ourselves for a few hours into the characters who made the history of Venice! JANUARY 2018 “THE ART OF GLASS IN VENICE” Let’s discover how pearls and murrine are created with fimo and clay and then…let’s surprise mum (or even someone else…why not?;-) FEBRUARY 2018 “THE ART OF PRINTING IN VENICE In 1500 everything was printed in Venice: books, drawings, texts that were prohibited in the rest of the world. Let’s arm ourselves with tempera and potatoes and create our own secret words too! MARCH 2018 “IL TEATRO IN VENICE” Adults and children will work together… to tell you about all the magical discoveries made during this year together! At the end of the course, there will be the possibility of organizing outings, children and parents together, to integrate the work done during the year. For info and reservations