Ospedaletto CON/temporaneo

Sunday 12 May 2019, on the occasion of the 58th International Art Exhibition, opens its doors to the public OSPEDALETTO CON / temporaneo, a new exhibition complex which is also an artistic project, insofar as the contemporary works of art chosen to inhabit it they trigger a fruitful dialogue with the spaces that host them. Not single works on display but narrative experiments, temporary sets, thematic spaces. Real “rooms of art” that were built following the personal sensitivity of the artists and interlocutors involved. Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino, OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni Torino, Fabrica, Marignana Arte, Sarah Revoltella. OSPEDALETTO CON / temporary is a project by: venews C563Arts, in collaboration with I.R.E. and Fondazione Venezia Servizi, managers of the Complex.

The Ospedaletto Complex, located in Barbaria de le Tole (Castle 6691), a stone’s throw from Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, is made up of a group of buildings from different eras and with different vocations, with a strongly characterized part in architectural terms and artistic, composed of the Church of Santa Maria dei Derelitti, the Sala della Musica, the Scala del Sardi, the Pharmacy, the Courtyard of the Four Seasons, and with a ‘modern’ part but equally marked by a strong connection with the monumental spaces. The temporary transformation project of the exhibition complex dedicated to contemporary art becomes an ideal visual representation of a story in which the different places represent the chapters.

In the Church of Santa Maria dei Derelitti , in the modern atrium , in the Sala Leoncini and in the Garden find space national participation of the Republic of San Marino , Friendship Project International , the platform that San Marino has promoted since 2015 to create a meeting place and comparison between San Marino and international artists. An internationalization project where dialogue and exchange are the key elements of a multifaceted exhibition, in which artistic languages ​​and cultures come together in a single context capable of intersecting them, of infecting them with each other, of finding new energies. The Commissioner is Vito Giuseppe Testaj, curator Vincenzo Sanfo and the artists in the exhibition are Gisella Battistini, Martina Conti, Gabriele Gambuti, Giovanna Fra, Thea Tini, Chen Chengwei, Li Geng, Dario Ortiz Tang Shuangning, Jens W. Beyrich, Xing Junqin, Xu De Qi, Sebastian.

On the first floor, the Music Hall hosts Carousel de Crystal , the intervention of Pablo Bronstein by Catherine Wood made specifically for the OGR, Officine Grandi Riparazioni Torino , which reproduces the equivalent of the bedroom of a king of the seventeenth century, an apparently private place, but in fact the center of the rituals of court life, in which two dancers move whose presence is doubled by the use of a large video projection, which reveals the artist’s point of view.

A few steps from the Music Room, the Pharmacy spaces host the exhibition Reagents , curated by Daniele Capra , collective of eight artists – Arthur Duff, Serena Fineschi, Silvia Infranco, Túlio Pinto, Fabrizio Prevedello, Quayola, Verónica Vázquez and Marco Maria Zanin – supported by Marignana Art </ strong>. The work of these eight artists is characterized by a great sensitivity and reactivity to the spatial contexts and to the dynamics of action-reaction triggered by the environmental variables. The exhibition highlights how in the practice of these artists the work can be seen as a device generated thanks to a process of opposition to the stimuli and pressures, physical and psychic, that the context expresses.

Along the arcade , always on the first floor, there is space Stars and Conflicts , a large tapestry of Sarah Revoltella , created in collaboration with the weavers of Nule, in Sardinia, curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio . Through the superimposition of the black holes of the celestial map elaborated by NASA on the terrestrial one shows a surprising correspondence between the line of celestial black holes and that of the wars currently taking place throughout our planet. To the negative energy released by conflicts, the artist contrasts the positive force of human work and shared effort.

In the monumental space of the Scala del Sardi , Marignana Arte presents the installation Bodies without points of view of Arthur Duff , curated by Daniele Capra . By relating to the elliptical construction of the staircase, Duff has developed an essential and incisive site-specific intervention, which combines light and sculpture by centralizing the visitor’s attention on the verticality of the staircase.

Going down again to the ground floor, the Courtyard of the Four Seasons opens, an area of ​​ Fabrica , capable over the years of establishing itself as an international center for research and development of art in all its contemporary declinations. Wanted Creativity , a visual mapping of our time, invades the Cortile spaces with a gallery of portraits taken by Oliviero Toscani, Settimio Benedusi and Fabrica’s team of photographers in set photographs set up in different cities of the world.