Alessandro Russo


Curated by Marco Marinacci
April, 21 – June, 12, 2022

The city has always been, since the XIX century, the heart of modern life, of dynamism, of chaos. During the XX century many artists celebrated the urban landscape – just think of the boost given by Futurism in this regard – choosing this theme as the privileged subject of their work.

Alessandro Russo inserted himself in this artistic current with the naturalness and freshness of a young artist, expressing himself with stroke fluency and innovation and with means of expression freedom, even with the whole knowledge of techniques and styles learned during his long artistic career and his many trips.

However from the seventies to today, Europe – and not only – started a gradual de-industrialization which has seen most industrial areas in a state of abandonment. This has shaped the desert landscapes wherein mankind hides in the ruins of neglected buildings.

Alessandro Russo – whose language preserves the solid link with the past painting tradition, in a perfect symbiosis between old and new – is the poet telling us a story which doesn’t exist anymore, but which continues to live in the remarkable angles of his architectures which carry, on one side the memory of his father-land colour and light – Calabria -, on the other the great freedom of certain European painting which allowed him to go beyond certain rigidities of most Italian landscape painting of these last decades.

The culmination is the vision of a new scenery, made of colour, atmospheres, iridescent shades and vertical and horizontal lines which create a completely new image, completely free, almost abstract, of the post-industrial city.