Nello Petrucci


Curated by Chiara Canali
June, 16 – August, 26, 2022

Moving deftly among the most different expressive techniques – from painting to collage, from halftone photo printing to screen printing – Nello Petrucci preferred collage and décollage for having a dialogue with the wonderful fifteenth-century palace Contarini del Bovolo.

Recovering some profiles taken from classicism, or processing characters’ faces known in the world of cinema, the artist starts from an action of discovery, collection and reproduction of fragments of film playbills and affiches, and then breaking them down and extracting them from their context and offering them to the single viewer’s sensibility in order to freely arrange them in a personal reinterpretation.

And it is exactly the adopted halftone (on “low-resolution”) technique to stimulate the imagination of public: opaque and not uniform, it gives few visual information to the observer, involving him in a greater participation, in order to complete what is only suggested by the mosaic pattern of the photographic screen dot-dot, while on the author’s part, decomposing the “real” into fragments, he is free to remount it in new configurations, according to the operative principle of the film “editing” which allows him to migrate the images from a carrier to the other, from a contest to the other and form an historical time to another.