The spaces and time of Jacopo Tintoretto

curated by Pierpaolo Scelsi and Francesca Mavaracchio
22nd October 2021 – 06th March 2022

The exhibition “Projections. The spaces and time by Jacopo Tintoretto “, by the artist Andrea Aquilanti and curated by Pier Paolo Scelsi in collaboration with Francesca Mavaracchio, creates a dialogue between the sketch of Jacopo Tintoretto’s” Paradise”and the contemporaneity (our dimension), but it connects itself also with the Scala Contarini del Bovolo, the iconic monument in which the exhibition halls are located, and in a general vision, it deals with the lagoon city, where he identifies, translates and documents the places in Venice on which the artistic work of Tintoretto has left the his evidence.

It is a site specific project that combines, in a multidimensional language, space and time that are in progress and in which the visitor becomes part of the work, i.e. the element of connection between the space-time dimensions given by the artist’s work.

In his works, Andrea Aquilanti has never been able to ignore the place and as well as the urban, social and natural context in which his working takes place.

In the exhibition halls of Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, Andrea measures space, dividing it throught projections, shadows, pictorial intervals, translations and temporal mixes that built up a constantly changing – scenography. This dynamic overlap creates a compositional unicum that is transformed into a dialogue between past and present and in which the visitor becomes a fundamental piece of the exhibition process.

In a historical transposition, looking back to the sixteenth century, it is clear how these features, this image’s scenic construction was typical of the great master Tintoretto and his workshop.
If we accept the assumption that “all art is contemporary”, surely Jacopo Robusti is one of the highest actors and agents of this vision.
In conclusion, the comparison with this great artist is even more meaningful.