Venezia Fabrica Futura


Venezia Fabrica Futura

May, 19 – July, 17 2023

Fabrica, communication research centre, in occasion of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition arrives to the Complesso dell’Ospedaletto with “Venezia Fabrica Futura”, a kaleidoscopic laboratory of visions of a contemporary Venice projected into the future.

Starting from its headquarters in the province of Treviso, Fabrica expands on the lagoon City in order to explore alternative futures already partly present in the local ecosystem and proposes a reflection on new coexistence ecologies, in an age marked by worldwide political, economic and environmental complexities.

During the Architecture, Cinema and Music Biennali, the international team of young artists in residence in Fabrica, will present some research projects, among which interactive video-games, 3D prints realized with mussels from the Chioggia lagoon, tasting explorations, modern herbaria dedicated to underwater flora and sound processing of wave motion and pollution data from the Venetian canals.

The four projects – created by the artists Stefano Dealessandri, Giorgia Burzio, Riccardo Androni and Asuka Akagawa – through various media, will explore sustainable futures, which, taking inspiration from the present situation of the Lagoon and its underwater world, relate to the global challenges of the present age.

The architecture of the Ospedaletto which will house the installations, becomes an organic space to accommodate talks, tasting, presentations, concerts.