The Spandrels of the Ospedaletto

Curated by Silvia Lunardon and Sandro Sponza
Venice, church of Santa Maria dei Derelitti
1–20 October 1988

The spandrels of the church of Santa Maria dei Derelitti inhabited by their community of Apostles, Doctors of the Church, and Prophets are certainly among the most interesting components of the rich I.R.E. art collections.

The exhibition highlights the importance of this unique pictorial cycle that commenced in the 1710s and that finds no equal in Venice. Closely related to the history of the religious building it was designed for, it offers an eloquent testimony to the glorious past of the Ospedaletto complex.

During the twentieth century, art critics and historians discussed the attribution of some of the spandrels, sparking a debate that has not yet come to shared conclusions.