Venice Nineteenth-Century Landscape.

Venice Nineteenth-Century Landscape
The Views of Tomaso Filippi Photographer

Curated by Daniele Resini
Venice, Fondazione Querini Stampalia
26 gennaio – 1 aprile 2002

The exhibition curated by Daniele Resini mainly focuses on the photographic representation of views and landscapes, presenting large vintage and coloured prints, paired with a series of views obtained with digital negative conversion and printing. From 1895 up to at least 1905, Filippi devoted himself to the production of views of Venice and other islands of the lagoon: photos that were for the most part destined to be sold as modern souvenirs to travellers and tourists that at that time were already quite numerous in Venice. The views from Filippi’s archive deliver an extensive and unprecedented overview of the city and its lagoon that in the representation of the photographers of the time became a blueprint for a “nineteenth-century landscape” that still lives on in our contemporary perception of Venice. On some occasions, Filippi was able to infuse his vision with a modern edge, being somewhat ahead of his time.